Detect and Diagnose Cervical Cancer

How to detect and diagnose cervical cancer?

The doctor may arrange the following tests if cervical cancer is suspected:

Pap smear test
  • The test takes only a few minutes.
  • It does not cause pain if the test receiver is relaxed.
  • The doctor or nurse will insert an instrument (called speculum) into your vagina to allow visualisation of your cervix which is located deep inside the vagina. A small piece of wooden spatula or plastic brush will then be inserted through the speculum to obtain some cells sample from the surface of the cervix. The specimen will then be sent to the laboratory for examination under microscope.
  • If abnormal cells are found, the patient will be recommended to have further tests.

AFRO provides free screening tests for HIV and syphilis for female sex workers in Hong Kong (rapid test result available in 10 minutes.)
We also provide free Pap smear tests and tests for gonorrhea and chlamydia (charged). There is no need to provide your identification document and all information will be kept strictly confidential.
Enquiry and appointment: 2770-1002
Maternal and Child Health Centres of Department of Health provide cervical smear test to women aged at or above 25 who have ever had sex.
Cost: HK$100 (eligible persons), HK$205 (non-eligible persons)
24-hour hotline:  3166-6631

Colposcopy is required when abnormality is detected by cervical smear. Colposcopy is like a microscope put near the vagina to allow more detailed examination of the cervix. If there appears to be any suspicious areas, these are made obvious using a solution of diluted vinegar with iodine.


During the colposcopy examination, any abnormal or suspicious areas will be biopsied for histological examination. After the procedure, some pain, bleeding or discharge may occur, which could usually be controlled using simple measures such as pain killers.


Blood test, X-ray and different kinds of scan

To locate the affected areas and to decide on the most suitable treatment.