Unintended Pregnancy

The lack of contraceptive measures, inappropriate contraceptive measures (e.g., incorrect usage of condoms), or contraceptive failures (e.g., intra-uterine device displacement) can lead to unintended pregnancies.


Early pregnancy symptoms

Missed menstruation, breasts enlargements, frequent urination, nausea, etc


Pregnancy tests

You may find pregnancy test strips at your local drugstores or personal-care stores. The test should be conducted approximately one to two weeks after your missed period. Urine gathered first thing in the morning is best used for the pregnancy test.


If termination of pregnancy is being considered, you should have further inquiries into the process and safety of these procedures. Termination of pregnancy must be conducted with strict compliance to local legislations. In Hong Kong, illegal abortion on oneself or others is liable to prosecution with possibility of penalty and imprisonment.


Ways to prevent accidental pregnancy
  • Use condoms
  • Both the female and male parties should have correct information on pregnancy and contraception. Both parties should maintain adequate communication, reach a mutual agreement and bear equal responsibilities in taking contraceptive measures in a consistent and effective manner.  


You may also contact The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong for support in the case of accidental pregnancy.


Unplanned Pregnancy, The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong.