How to Use a Male Condom

  1. Pick the right condom size. A too-big condom may reduce sensation and slip off during sex, while an overstretched one may be uncomfortable and split during sex.
  2. Check the condom to ensure it has not expired and no lubricant has leaked.
  3. Tear the package and take out the condom carefully. To avoid damage, do not use sharp fingernail to take out the condom.
  4. Put on the condom before the penis has any contact with vulva or vagina.
  5. Remove the air out of the tip of the condom by gently pressing the air. Put the condom on the erected penis.
  6. Unroll the condom all the way to the base of the penis.
  7. Withdraw the penis carefully while it is still erect after ejaculation. There might be leakage of sperm from the condom into the vagina if it is not withdrawn right after the ejaculation.
  8. Use a new condom every time you have sexual intercourse.

Proper condom storage
  • Condoms should be stored in a cool, dry place: High temperature and strong light will speed up the maturing of rubber. Thus, the intensity of tension of condom will be weakened and the condom will be burst.
  • Do not squeeze or rub the condom. Also, do not store condoms in places where they would face pressure or friction, like wallet or bottom pockets of trousers.
  • Do not use if destruction or abnormal condition is found on the condom package.