HIV is a fatal disease.

So far, there is no cure for HIV.  Combination of antiretroviral medications (i.e. cocktail therapy) can directly inhibit the rate of virus replications, which significantly lowers an infected person’s viral load. It slows disease progression, improves quality of life, and improves long-term survival. 

In contrast, for infected persons who do not receive treatment for HIV, their immune systems will eventually be compromised in the long term and lose the ability to fight off serious infections. Half of the infected population who are not treated for HIV will develop AIDS within ten years. Patients are at higher risk of developing opportunistic infections such as pneumonia caused by unusual organisms and skin cancers. These diseases will eventually kill the patients. 

Without proper treatment, STIs and HIV cannot be managed or cured.

If you are unfortunately infected with HIV, please seek prompt medical attention. Avoidance and fear of treatment do not help you any when dealing with the infection.  

An HIV infected person can go to the Integrated Treatment Centre in Kowloon Bay, Queen Elizabeth Hospital or Princess Margaret Hospital where they provide medical follow-up. And HIV infected person can also go to registered medical doctors who provide treatments and medical services to people living with HIV for adequate follow-up.

Smoking, alcohol use and drug abuse can cause damage to one’s immune system. Services provided by support groups for various dependencies may be of help.