I've had blood test before. The medical staff said I was okay. Does it mean I don't have HIV?
I have had HIV testing before and the result was negative. Does it mean I don't have HIV right now? And I don’t need to take test anymore?
Do we still have to use condoms if both of us have been infected with HIV?
Do we get infected through contact with a toilet seat or eating together?
Can STIs (sexually transmitted infections) or HIV be transmitted by mosquito bites? Can poultry or pets spread STIs/ HIV?
Will I get contracted by swimming with a STIs/HIV infected person?
Is it okay to use clean second-hand towels?
Will an HIV infected person die very quickly?
Myth: "Clean thoroughly, shower more often will eliminate the risk!"
"I think I do not have any problem, no pain no itch, I should not have contracted STIs or HIV. Right?"