Many factors can potentially affect vaginal lubrication, such as stress, fatigue, medications, and menstruation etc.. Moreover, hormonal changes induced by pregnancy can also lead to vaginal dryness. Forceful penetration when there is not enough lubrication can cause both parties discomfort due to friction, and in such cases lubricants are needed to make things go smoothly.  



3 advantages of personal lubricant:

  • To ease the entry of penis/ sex toys and reduce the discomfort during sexual intercourse
  • To lower skin abrasion and wounding, decreasing risk of bacterial and viral invasion
  • To effectively reduce the damage of condom and chance of pregnancy


Apply on penis, vagina, sex toy, dry/ hyperdynamic area

*Strongly advised against to use for any type of sexual activities
Main ingredient

It is in the form of jelly. It is light and moisturising.

It is the type of lubricant that comes with condoms. It feels oily to touch. It is a thicker type of lubricant.
Petroleum or other type of vegetable oil.
  • It is suitable for any types of sexual activities. Colourless and tasteless. It rarely leads to allergic reaction.
  • It is easy to clean and can be absorbed by the skin. It can leave the body along with vaginal discharge.
  • Relatively more long-lasting.
    It is more effective than water-based lubricants for reducing friction and is suitable for any types of sexual activities. It does not cause allergic reaction.
Long lasting.

It does not get absorbed or evaporated easily.
Not long lasting. It gets dried and evaporated easily.
  • Does not clean easily.
  • It erodes the surface of silicone sex toys, leaving tiny pores that may not be visible to the naked eyes. Bacteria can grow inside these pores and affect your sexual health. Therefore, it cannot be used in conjunction with silicone sex toys.
  • It will dissolve latex and therefore cannot be used in conjunction with latex condoms.
  • It does not clean easily.
  • It can cause vaginal discomfort and increase chance of infection.
Reactivate the lubricants with water (putting water on places where lubricants has previously been placed).
Its use in any type of sexual activities is not advised.